3 Day China Workshop – Developing Your Plan

3 Day China Workshop (Developing Your Plan) dates:

3 Day Open Programme for Senior Executives & Investors in the Life Science, Biotech, Diagnostic, MedTech, & Pharma Market Place

This intensive 2+1 Day residential Workshop provides an overview of the benefits, opportunities, and the challenges of doing business in China. During the workshop the delegates have the opportunity for individual and group work with the assistance of the course leaders. The objective is for each delegate to leave the Workshop with a personalised Action Plan for their company.

The Workshop is delivered in two sessions; the first comprising of two days and a follow up session of one day with an interval between sessions of approximately 6-8 weeks.


The content includes:

  • Intercultural Communication: understanding the differences and the similarities in business practices, and decision making, in China
  • Strategy development: the importance of understanding the differences between the European markets and China and the impact of the fast-evolving regulatory reforms in China
  • The Regulatory environment: overcoming perceived hurdles, navigating the regulatory landscape not only from CFDA, but also other regulations imposed by central and regional authorities, taking advantage of recent regulatory changes and the opportunities created for European Companies
  • Price and Reimbursement: what prices are acceptable and how many could afford to pay
  • Clinical Trials: the opportunities provided by large populations and treatment naïve patients, overcoming challenges with the differences in treatment paradigms
  • Partnering: creating your own networks, leveraging your “associates” Guanxhi, doing road shows to understand the competitive landscape and market access, and conducting due diligence
  • Local Manufacturing or Sourcing in China
  • Process: Preparing your business so that you are ready for the challenges and can take advantage of the opportunities in China
  • Managing expectations: Success requires a long-term vision, stakeholder commitment and patience

The programme is designed for Senior Executives and Investors with businesses that:

  • Are actively/imminently considering partnering/co-development as well as commercial opportunities, e.g. out-licensing, regional/global clinical trials, engaging with and Chinese CRO/CDMO or commercial launch/distribution.
  • Have already engaged in commercial activities and would like to benchmark their approach and experience to date with experts with local knowledge and specialist know-how
  • Are in the early stage of implementing a “China” strategy and are frustrated at the lack of progress being made.

This Workshop is designed to help the delegates address the challenges and risks of doing business in China based on a proven approach and practical set of tools developed over many years by our trainers, while working in these industries.  The learning experience is highly interactive and places strong emphasis on practical outcomes. Delegates will gain additional benefit from the experience of other participants on the course.

Upon completion of the Workshop each delegate is given the opportunity to join a private social media group which is moderated by george james. In this way delegates can continue to share issues and solutions amongst the group knowing that a george james moderator is always on hand.

There are a minimum of 3 workshop facilitators

Programme Dates

The first residential workshop will take place on Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th May & Monday 25th June 2018 at The Henley Business School, Greenlands Campus, Henley-on-Thames.

Further dates to be announced.

Number of participants: Although the programme agenda is fixed, the workshop is limited to a maximum of 9 people. This allows allow specific questions and situations to be addressed. In addition by limiting the number of delegates means that all those attending are able to participate fully and have time to express their opinions and share ideas.

Price Per Person for the 3 Day China Workshop (delivered in two session of two days and one day with an interval between sessions of approximately 6-8 weeks): £3,255.00 + 20% VAT (this is an all-inclusive price to include accommodation on the night of the 1st day, course dinner and breakfast on the morning of the 2nd day)

If you are interested in finding out more about this Workshop please contact either Andrew or Bjorn to arrange for a confidential discussion:

Workshop leaders:

  1. Dr Bjorn Hammarberg, Ph.D. (Biochemistry), Post. Doc. (Biochemical Engineering) Diploma Business Administration.

    Dr Hammarberg, first encountered the challenges of intercultural communication between Europe and Asia when pursuing his Post.Doc tenure in Japan 1989 – 1990.

    After a position in R&D, he switched to a global marketing position at then Pharma Biotech (now GE Healthcare), traveling frequently across Asia. From 1995 onwards, Dr Hammarberg has been involved in business development and marketing & sales activities in China, first from positions in Sweden and Tokyo, but from 2004 full time in Asia as Managing Director and Lead Consultant at ABD Life Sciences Ltd. in Hong Kong.

    Dr Hammarberg has also led and coordinated projects not only in Business Development, but also in Regulatory Affairs, including GMP compliance, outsourcing and distribution, marketing & sales, and bio-manufacturing.

    Dr Hammarberg has also been supporting Karolinska Development’s business development activities in China, from 2009 to 2014 conducting road-shows, investigating and meeting with potential partners.

    A deep understanding of the business culture and management styles in Asia have facilitated interactions, securing a positive outcome in negotiations and implementation of projects.

    This has given Dr Hammarberg the opportunity to build a solid network, continued the learning process, and continuously adapt to the rapid changing business and regulatory environment in this dynamic market.

  2. Andrew Burns; Andrew has enjoyed a diverse career; originally as a Scientist and Engineer, before evolving into a senior executive, running both his own business consultancy and becoming a CEO of a privately owned, UK software company.

    With a passion for developing businesses internationally, over the past 4 decades! Andrew firmly believes being in customer and market centric business models, based on the people who work in them, underpinned by a sharp attention to quality.

    Andrew has worked with companies of all sizes. Both publicly owned/quoted and privately owned, across four continents: North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. He has experience of the complete business cycle, from start up, through early stage commercialism, business expansion and exit, via both trade sales and an IPO.

    Today, Andrew is an investor and Non- Executive Director whilst also being a Strategy Consultant in the S&T sectors.

  3. Ian Priestly; Ian is a qualified banker, finance specialist and angel investor.

    Ian started his career in traditional branch banking from where he progressed in to Investment Management, Estate Planning and Tax services. He then “fell lucky”, being selected to fulfil a new role as one of the first of Lloyds Bank’s first Electronic Banking Managers, supporting Payments and PC based activities. mainly into the Corporate market. This set Ian off on what has become a life-long interest in Computing and Technology. Along the way Ian gained a degree in IT.

    Departing Lloyds Bank after about 20 years, he took on a new career, working for three global software companies as a specialist Banking Consultant and Project manager, working for global retail and investment banks on a variety of foreign projects in about 25 countries, over a decade, (including completing a project in China!), so he has a depth of cultural knowhow! It was during these 10 years, that Ian also acquired an MBA, as his interest moved more towards gaining a deeper insight into corporate strategy, internationalisation and similar matters, which he was meeting daily.

    More recently, he worked with Andrew, having first met in Brussels, on a variety of projects, including a major development project for a US corporate. Andrew subsequently recruited Ian to support him, in his new role as CEO of a UK software business. Ian worked with Andrew to develop and implement an ambitious growth strategy that resulted in a tripling in turnover in 3 years.

    Today, Ian uses his knowledge of the investment process and project skills on behalf of george james, working with Andrew in the Consulting business. Ian is a Business Angel, with investments in the Life Sciences sector.

3 Day China Workshop (Developing Your Plan) dates: