train@BASE bite sized remote training

 Delivered Remotely 

Purpose built for all Sales People and those in Customer Facing Commercial Roles our 90 minute train@BASE modules are built on the back of many years of experience and underpin the effectiveness and success of any Sales Professional in today’s very different world.

The fee for each module is £325 (ex VAT and or any other local applicable taxes) – approximately €381 / $451.

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Module #1: Effective Management of the Sales Process

Learn How To:

+ Avoid being a victim and falling into the ‘greatest waste of your time’ trap

+ Apply the key principles of Sales Funnel / Sales Pipeline Management

+ Build a clean and healthy sales funnel

+ Work with a core set of metrics to manage your performance

+ Move from knowing your numbers to owning your numbers

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Module #2: Generate Consistently Accurate Forecasts

Learn How To:

+ Understand the importance of an accurate forecast from a personal, local team, corporate and customer perspective

+ Learn your company forecast language

+ How to construct a forecast

+ How the generation of an accurate forecast connects to a healthy Sales Funnel / Pipeline

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Module #3: Territory Management and Sales Area Planning

Learn How To:

+ Prepare a territory sales plan using the knowledge of your business that focuses on the markets, applications and the customers required for success

+ Optimise coverage of your territory whether selling by telephone, video conference or on a face to face basis

+ Make the very best use of the time and resources available to you

+ Learn how to bring the internal key stakeholders on board to support effective execution

+ Work to plan, do, check, act

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Module #4: Making Prospecting both Effective and Enjoyable

Learn How To:

+ Understand the type of prospector you are and how you might need to modify your approach in the ‘new’ world

+ Optimise your chances of prospecting success by prospecting in the right places

+ Identify the range of prospecting mechanisms that you need to use in your business

+ Be inspired to invest the right amount of time in this activity

+ Find ways to enjoy it

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Module #5: Qualification of New Leads

Learn How To:

+ Rapidly assess the deal makers and deal breakers

+ Engage with both commercial and scientific / technical stakeholders

+ Truly understand the customers NEED

+ Understand the cost of sale to you and your organisation

+ How not to play deals you can never win – build the confidence to lose fast and early

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Module #6: Professional Sales Calls in the Hybrid Selling World

Learn How To:

+ Understand and replace what is missing from a normal face to face sales call

+ Successfully apply the key principles including the necessary preparation (including yourself) and planning

+ Take control of the conversation from the outset…adopt a meeting leadership mentality

+ Avoid the common traps

+ Master the technology and logistics from first contact onwards

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Module #7: Managing and Overcoming Objections

Learn How To:

+ Build the courage to uncover objections not just wait for them to arise

+ Use a simple tool for managing and overcoming objections

+ Distinguish between real and false objections

+ Use of the IF question

+ Effectively use proof material

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Module #8: Making a High Impact Presentation

Learn How To:

+ Understand what it takes to become a good (great) presenter and what a high impact and memorable (for all the right reasons) presentation looks like

+ Learn about the key principles for success in preparing for, delivering and following up a high impact presentation

+ Choose the right presentation mechanism in any given situation

+ Be aware of the all too common traps to fall into

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Module #9: How to make a Professional Remote Product Demonstration via Video Conference

Learn How To:

+ Deliver a professional and successful product demonstration over Zoom

+ Successfully apply the key principles for such a demonstration

+ Avoid the common traps

+ Take the stakeholders with you through the demonstration

+ Master the all essential camera techniques, lighting requirements and record the demonstration

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Module #10: Effective Negotiation Skills

Learn How To:

+ The key steps to take in any negotiation

+ Prepare and plan effectively for any negotiation

+ Trade not give

+ Manage the price discussion through the Sales Process

+ Work towards WIN / WIN

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Module #11: Key Account / Account Management

Learn How To:

+ Take a planned and systematic approach to account / key account management that ultimately drives effective action

+ Use the data, facts and validated information available to you to underpin good business decisions

+ Secure the additional internal and external resources required for success

+ Identify the key relationships you need for long term success

+ Move effectively up the hierarchy

+ Learn how to lock your competition out

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Module #12: How Social Selling can Underpin Sales Success

Learn How To:

+ Optimise your own professional profile to underpin your success

+ Get the best from the range of Social Media platforms available (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

+ Create appropriate and high-quality content for Social Medial and recognise it is not just Marketing’s job

+ Apply the Social in Social Media and participate on a day-to-day basis

+ Use Social Media effectively in conjunction with other tools to reach the desired mix of existing and new

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