The genesis of our Consultancy Division, and the culture and values that underpin it, began in the mid-1980s. Since then we have evolved a unique business model, developed to deliver high quality, expert led, and value for money consultancy to the global B2B Life Sciences, Scientific, technology and enterprise application software markets.

Our model enables us to focus on delivering:

  • What is wanted,
  • When its wanted,
  • By people with relevant business expertise and technical knowledge.

We utilise established consulting techniques within a stringent programme management framework.  We developed this approach to avoid the pitfalls of the traditional consultancy model of over-selling to utilise the capacity of employed consultants and under-delivery due to work being given to internal resources rather than who is best in the much wider market place to add value.

This approach enables us to always act in our customer’s best interests.  This has always been, and will continue to be, one of our core values.  If we are unable to add value to a customer need we will not put forward a proposition, instead suggesting others options based on our extensive network and understanding of the market.

Our unique model is founded on our extensive global network of senior commercial managers and leading technical experts which we use to provide targeted resources for each assignment. We have been building up this network since the incorporation of george james ltd in 1999. Currently it consists of over 16,000 industry contacts and is continually growing and developing. This was supplemented with the merger of JBA Consulting Limited in 2016.

Our Mission is to be recognised by our customers as:

Why george james ltd Consulting?

Our ultimate objective is to help our customers increase the value of their investment by formulating and implementing Accelerated Growth & Internationalisation strategies.  We do his by focusing on strategies that create sustainable, defensible and scalable businesses and which address the increasing pace and scale of change brought about by disruptive technologies and globalization.

We are dedicated to the B-B technology and science communities.  Our customers include Pharma, life science and enterprise software companies.

Our team has also worked extensively with global Banking IT/Software Vendors and Fintech companies and offers business turnaround experience from the global Automotive software/technology sector?

We work with entrepreneurs, institutional investors, owner/directors and senior managers.

We offer in-depth knowledge of the markets in which our customers operate.  We have managed teams, built businesses, invested in & sold services in this marketplace for many years.

We support innovation and encourage our staff to provide pro-bono support to technology and science based start-ups.  We are co-founders of the Innovation Forum.

Creating and executing a Shared Business Vision

Our style of working is to establish a close relationship with our customers built on trust and an intimate understanding of what they see as their future and the sort of opportunities they think will let them achieve it.

From this starting point we work with our customers to develop a single vision for their company, by evaluating the following:

  • Opportunities to increase the value of the business;
  • How to increase market share and/or profit from existing markets;
  • Opportunities to expand into new vertical markets and/or new countries;
  • Opportunities to forge relationships and partnerships in other territories;
  • How to grow by acquisition;
  • How and when to raise funds for growth and who to approach;
  • Recruiting, retaining and training staff for growth;
  • How and when to convert equity into cash.

Our way of working:

  • Identifies and prioritises opportunities to accelerate growth and assesses the relative risks and likelihood of success.
  • Assesses the likely impact of any plan to accelerate growth on the existing business.
  • Builds an Accelerated Growth Plan that creates ‘Top Book’ value where successful execution of the plan is a sustainable, profitable, defensible and scalable business.
  • Identifies and plans when and how to translate many years of hard work and technical innovation into personal wealth, via an exit strategy.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are based on our highly experienced in-house consultancy team supported by a global network of specialist associates.

  • Our consultants’ backgrounds, experience and depth of knowledge have proven to be the most important qualifications when it comes to understanding complexity and assisting our customers Accelerate the Growth of their businesses.
  • Because of this, we only use people whose careers have given them an in-depth experience of the industries we serve.
  • Our collective experience is acquired from roles as investors and operationally-accountable business owners, directors, executives and senior managers. We have worked with business start-ups, managed growth in private and public companies, planning and implementing overseas expansion and channel strategies, and participated in IPOs, post-IPO rights issues, trade sales, and M&As.
  • Our people have first-hand experience of fundraising and dealing with private equity providers including business angels and venture capital firms.

Managing and Delivering Outcomes


  • Harness our skills and experience and deliver best advice on the options for accelerating the growth of your business.
  • Know that there are as many different views on business growth, managing risk and funding amongst owner-managers and investors as there are businesses and source of funds available.
  • Pride ourselves that one of our key roles is to advise on the advantages/disadvantages and any specific Accelerated Growth strategy and its impact on you, your team and the future success of your business.
  • Understand how difficult it can be for owners to let go of their business and to consider introducing external parties. We can coach/support you through this process.

To understand if we can help your company please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.