Tailored ‘In-House’ Training

 Delivered in the Classroom and Remotely 

Your requirements determine the course content as rarely do two different situations require the same solution. The design of your programme starts with a discussion to determine your training objectives. Three questions to start are…

  • What are the outcomes you wish to achieve from any training investment that you make?
  • What will success look like in the future in terms of changing people’s behaviours on a day to day basis as a result of attending the programme?
  • What do you feel will be the greatest challenges we have to overcome in order to change people’s behaviour?

Our tailored programmes take account of…

Your existing Sales Process using your common sales / commercial language

We will work with your existing Sales Process using the model of the Sales Funnel / Sales Pipeline whilst referencing and reinforcing the use of your CRM system and taking account of your forecasting guidelines / rules

Your Sales / Business Strategy

We take time to understand your Sales / Business Strategy prior to commencing the programme to ensure that the training aligns with and supports the execution of your strategy. We work on a simple principle that for the business to grow the people must grow in a way that is aligned with the direction of the business

Your expectations in terms of standards of performance and behaviours

Helping people clearly see what is expected of them and what good / great looks like is paramount to long term success. Your standards of performance and behaviour expectations constantly help to keep people on the move in terms of their personal development hence in all the tailored training we deliver we constantly reference your expectations and truly bring those to life for anyone attending

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