One to One Coaching and Mentoring

 Delivered in the Classroom and Remotely 

We live in a business world where the demand for improved results and the pace of change is as great as it has ever been, where remote management is now common place. Matrix management structures often play a part, meaning that the challenge to be a truly effective Leader and Manager is tough. It is easy to be busy, more difficult to be busy and truly effective.

New and even experienced Leaders and Managers sometimes need help and if that is the case for one of your management team or you feel yourself that you need more support than you can currently access in your own business then a One to One Coaching and Mentoring programme is an option worth exploring.

Our One to One Coaching and Mentoring programmes are designed to support new and experienced Sales, Support and Service Directors, Managers and Team Leaders who are looking to make the next step up from their current field or in house role to their first management role, first management position to a senior management role, their existing senior management role to executive / director role.

We are often called upon when a company is looking to:

  • ‘Fast track’ a new Manager into their role having had no previous formal training and development
  • Support a new Manager struggling to establish themselves and develop their team
  • Help an underperforming Manager who has lost their way after a promising start
  • Prepare an individual for the next management step
  • Support a manager through periods of intense change

Who do we work with?

  • Global Sales Leaders at Director, Vice President Level
  • Sales Leaders / Managers with Regional / Country Responsibility
  • Support / Service Managers with Regional / Country Responsibility

What do we focus on?

Our programmes are all individually tailored to the needs of the individuals with whom we work typically focusing on coaching, supporting and helping the individual to:

  • Understand what great performance looks like in their role, how that compares to the current position and subsequently develop personal development strategies to bridge the gap identified above
  • Formulate a vision and subsequently develop and execute a business plan in order to improve business performance (and that is aligned with the strategic direction from the top of the company)
  • Develop their organisation and its effectiveness
  • Set behavioural expectations with their team to help them see what great performance looks like in their roles…and coach them towards it
  • Manage change effectively
  • Broaden their range of leadership styles and successfully apply them and become an effective coach themselves
  • Scale in role by prioritising and using their time in the most effective way so that they work to a philosophy of ‘investing time to enable others’ and ‘investing time to save time’
  • Develop their recruitment processes and interview style to ensure they hire the best
  • Build relationships with other key business partners
  • Contribute to the development of the wider organisation

How do our programmes work?

Before starting a programme we have conversations with the person identified as requiring coaching support, in order to identify the challenges and opportunities from their perspective, to assess their readiness to change and to check if there is a ‘personal chemistry’ which will mean that the individual and the likely george james coach can work together effectively.

We also attempt to gain whenever possible the perspectives of at least the manager of the individual and one other person – a peer or key partner in the business – in order to help us formulate the success criteria, programme agenda and of course priorities that meet the personal and business development requirements of the individual.

We work with the individuals concerned on a face to face basis (classroom or via a video conference platform) alongside a programme of on demand and formal appointment based telephone support. We utilise a variety of techniques and tools to assist the learning and development process such as role play, attendance at key team meetings, Belbin profiling for team building and formal report back exercises.

The duration of the programme and the interval between the coaching and mentoring days / sessions depends on the requirements of the individual and the progress they make

Programmes are typically of 3 to 6 days (or equivalent if delivered remotely over a number of sessions) in duration spread over a number of months

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