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How long is it since you last reviewed your HR Procedures with respect to your people. Specifically, their recruitment, development, on-boarding and retention?

Having the right processes to ensure candidates are attracted, evaluated and offered in a timely and consistent manner requires all hiring managers to be effectively schooled in the company’s approaches and standards. This needs to cover interviews, assessments and all candidate contact including managing unsuccessful candidates.

Once a person has accepted a role with your company the on-boarding process should start. The pre-joining and induction programs are critical contributors to staff success and retention.

Retaining staff is complex and multifaceted. Which options are open to you need to be individually explored and include concepts such as succession planning, training programs, educational support, career pathways and reward mechanisms.

Ensuring every staff member has an effective development programme is key to a constantly evolving business. Having the ability to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate staff performance in a fair and encouraging way is critical. Key to this is making staff appraisals a positive, proactive, largely forward thinking process based on effective setting of objectives with clear guidelines and support programs.

Career development pathways where possible allow people to understand not just future career options but also how they need to perform to be considered for promotion. A career pathway maps out options and transitions and outlines the skills, knowledge and education needed to be developed as well as the assessment process that will be employed. This approach helps individuals determine their readiness to attain that next role and to consider how attaining that role will offer still further development.

Having a competency framework in place allows a business to spot talent and cross fertilise it, both at the point of hire and in internal fulfilment of new roles or vacancies.

Helping staff who are made redundant via a good outplacement process, not only provides timely benefits for the individuals directly affected, but also helps retain the motivation and loyalty of those who remain with the business and upon whom future success depends. george james ltd runs both open and tailored in-house programmes designed to give people confidence and a plan of how to secure their next position.

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