Free to Access Consultant Database

Built up over 20 years our Free to Access Consultant Database allows you to connect to a wealth of expertise, much of it not available via other channels.

It is comprised of individuals, and not corporate firms.  All registered consultants have enjoyed successful careers before establishing themselves as consultants. We also have an extensive network of Non-Executive Directors (see our free NED/Chair Service), part time and recently retired executives who are available for consulting assignments.

To access our Consultant Database please contact

In addition to our Free to Access Consultant Database we can provide you with additional consultancy support, in the following key areas:

Requirements Definition

Whether you do this yourself, engage a third party, or work with us, accurately and unambiguously defining the problem to be addressed is a fundamental critical success factor when considering hiring external consultants.  Too many consulting projects fail to deliver full value due to inadequacies in the Requirement Definition.

We know from our own careers as Consultants, owners of Consultancies, investors and senior executives that sometimes there is a sense of an issue within the business which requires some investigation before it can be clearly articulated.  At other times practical issues such as pace of change in the business, impending deadlines, restraints on management time etc. get in the way of putting pen to paper and defining the problem.

Prior to using our Free to Access Consultant Database we can work with you to ensure that your project requirements are accurately and precisely defined.  The output from these engagements is typically a detailed Project Brief and a Statement of Works.  You are then free to use the output as the basis for going to market to find consulting resource.  There is no obligation to use our Free to Access Consultant Database although we hope you will.

Consultant Selection

Our Free to Access Consultant Database service looks to introduce you to consultants for your consideration along with any others you may have identified via other means.

If you are inexperienced, simply do not have the time or would value a third-party expert view on who is most suitable we can help.

Project Management

There are many ways that consulting project can fail and such failures are generally expensive.  Engaging and managing consultants, even an individual consultant, is a skill that takes time to learn and experience to perfect. If you do not regularly engage consultants, we can provide support over the full project life-cycle from project definition to completion, including in process monitoring to maximise value from the engagement.

Special Projects

For larger and/or complex projects our experienced team and extensive network allow us to:

  • Put the right team of consultants together for your specific task
  • Provide overall project management and reporting

We have a proven track record of successfully helping companies throughout their life-cycle areas from start-up to exit.

For more details of our Consultancy support see:

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Free services supported by our paid for services.  If you or any of your contacts are considering engaging a recruiter, consultant or trainer we will welcome the opportunity to be considered.