Free NED/Chair service

One area of the market we have observed not working effectively is that of matching Non-Executive Directors NEDs & Chair vacancies with people who have the skills, knowledge, experience and interest in such a position.

Your NED service has certainly been a game-changer… -- John McKinley, Founder and Chairman of Caldwell Capital Limited.

Often we speak with talented senior executives who don’t know how to find such a role and equally often with investors and executives who are frustrated by the lack of choice when seeking a NED/Chair.

Given that we have an extensive network across both groups we have initiated a Free NED/Chair Service.

For Senior Executives seeking a NED/Chair role please contact us to register for vacancy alerts. It will be helpful if you can provide a CV or Profile if we do not already have one

I have been impressed by the fact you found so many NEDs with relevant experience in such a niche space… -- Govind Pindoria, Director of Venture Support Unit at Imperial Innovations.

For any Investor or executive seeking a NED/Chair we will, without charge:

  • Post your opportunity on our Current Vacancies page.
  • Post your opportunity to our LinkedIn network of over 22,000 1st level industry contacts.
  • Email your opportunity to our database of experienced senior industry executives looking for such positions, both those currently holding NED/Chair positions and those with the skill set to take on such a role.

Any applications will be forwarded to you for qualification against your needs. Should your capacity to manage the recruitment process benefit from some additional input george james ltd can provide support services including candidate management, psychometric profiling, interviewing, reference taking etc. Please contact us for further information.

Getting your first NED position is often the hardest step when building a NED portfolio or just gaining experience for the future. The free george james NED/Chair service introduced me to my first NED role.
For anyone interested in starting their NED experience, experienced NED/Chairs looking for other opportunities I would highly recommend this service and george james.
-- David Browning, CEO of Oxford Cancer Biomarkers.

You can download a “How the Free Non-Executive Director/Chair Service works” file in PDF format here.

We also provide a Free to Access Consultant Database. Built up over 20 years, this resource allows you to connect to a wealth of expertise, much of it not available via other channels. Your requirements, often unique, can be matched to our extensive industry-specific connections.

Free services are supported by our paid for services. If you or any of your contacts are considering engaging a recruiter, consultant or trainer we will welcome the opportunity to be considered.

I worked with Chris Hancock (Senior Executive Search Consultant) to find advisors for my business. The selection of candidates that Chris introduced me to was incredibly strong and varied. I would highly recommend others to work with Chris to find the right advisor for their business. -- Lise Pape, Founder & CEO, Walk With Path Ltd.
The biggest market for our first diagnostic product is the United States but none of the Board or the Executive Team have much experience of this market. Therefore, we decided to seek a NED with extensive experience of commercialising diagnostic tests in the US and knowledge of reimbursement systems there. We used the free george james service and despite our specialised requirements, we had a choice of several excellent candidates. We now have appointed somebody and they have been contributing from day 1. -- Sandy Primrose, Chairman, AMLo Biosciences