Training and Development

Training and Development:

Summary of Content Format Link to Download / Access / ISBN
9 Things to Remember about Negotiations Aide-mémoire [Download]
Working Effectively with and Delivering Improved Results through your Distribution Partners Aide-mémoire [Download]
Adapting to the Hybrid Selling World Aide-mémoire [Download]
The Power of 1% – Managing the Price Conversation Aide-mémoire [Download]
Implementing your Plans Aide-mémoire [Download]
Making Remote Training Effective and Fun – Our Key Learnings! Aide-mémoire [Download]
10 Tips for Video Conferencing whilst work from home Video – 4 minutes
Working from home Part 1 – Getting Organised Video – 4 minutes
Tips and Hints Guide to Working From Home and Staying Positive Aide-mémoire [Download]
Sales Skills Note – Anticipating and Managing Objections Aide-mémoire [Download]
The Lost Art of Prospecting Aide-mémoire [Download]
Six Common Teamwork Myths put Straight Independent article [Download]
10 Ways Smart People Stay Calm Website
A true inspiration – I got 99 problems… palsy is just one | Maysoon Zayid Video – 14 minutes
How great leaders inspire action Video – 18 minutes
The power of networks Video – 11 minutes
Writing a vision statement that inspires Video – 6 minutes
How to write a mission statement Video – 4 minutes
The science of persuasion Video – 12 minutes
The secret powers of time Video – 10 minutes
The surprising truth about what motivates us Video – 5 minutes
The puzzle of motivation Video – 19 minutes
Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams Video – 76 minutes
Time Management (some great tips and hints in here) Video – 76 minutes
Two reasons companies fail – and how to avoid them | Knut Haanaes Video – 11 minutes
Top 10 Traits Of A Master Networker – Ivan Misner And BNI Video– 7 minutes
Rediscovering Personal Networking: Michael Goldberg Video – 20 minutes
Successful Networking – the ultimate guide – Christopher Barrat Video – 18 minutes
Range of LinkedIn training tutorials Video – Various Timings
7 Traits of a High Performance Sales Culture Independent article [Download]
8 Steps for Accelerating Change Independent article [Download]
9 Bad Habits you Must Break to be More Productive Independent article [Download]
10 Quick Fixes to Instantly Improve your Social Media Marketing Independent article [Download]
Balanced Scorecard Basics Independent article [Download]
Best Practices for Webinars Independent article [Download]
Cold Calling Bootcamp Independent article [Download]
Differentiating Goals and Objectives Independent article [Download]
Eight Barriers to Effective Listening Independent article [Download]
Empowering Others Independent article [Download]
Guide to 360 Reviews Independent article [Download]
How to LinkedIn Independent article [Download]
How to Win at Office Politics Independent article [Download]
Managing Conflict Independent article [Download]
Six Ways to Build Trust in Negotiations Independent article [Download]
Social Media Guide Independent article [Download]
Ten E-Mail Commandments Independent article [Download]
The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Review Independent article [Download]
The Reticular Activating System – Your Automatic Goal Seeking System Independent article [Download]
The Secret to Effective One to One Meetings Independent article [Download]
Three Keys to Effective Execution Independent article [Download]
Time Management Tip Sheet Independent article [Download]
Top Characteristics of High Performing B2B Sales People Independent article [Download]
What Great Listeners Actually Do Independent article [Download]
You Can’t Be a Great manager if you are not a Good Coach Independent article [Download]
Coaching for Performance: The Principles and Practices of Coaching and Leadership – John Whitmore Book ISBN-13: 978-1857885354
Strength Finder – Discover Your Strengths – Tom Rath Book ISBN-13: 978-1595620156
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change – Stephen R Covey Book ISBN 13: 978-1451639612
Persuading Scientists: Marketing to the World’s Most Skeptical Audience – Hamid Ghanadan Book ISBN-13: 978-1605440125
The New One Minute Manager – Kenneth Blanchard & Spencer Johnson Book ISBN-13: 978-0008128043
The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey  – Kenneth BlanchardJr. Oncken WilliamHal Burrows Book ISBN-13: 978-0007116980
Culture Map – Erin Meyer Book ISBN-13: 978-1610392501
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Paperback – by Robert B Cialdini Book ISBN-13: 978-0061241895
Selling Books (various) Website
Top 10 tips Social Selling Website
Leading Change – Kotter International Website
Google Analytics: These are the 10 most important KPIs for your website Website
Belbin Team Roles Website
Honey & Mumford Learning Styles Website
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (understanding psychological types) Website
DiSC personal assessment tool Website