Virtual Consulting Model

Our virtual business model, which has been developed and refined over 30 years, is designed to ensure that you get:

  • What you want
  • When it’s wanted
  • By people with the relevant business expertise and technical knowledge

This may seem obvious but in our experience this is frequently not delivered by traditional business models.

Our unique model is founded on our Free to Access Consultant Database which allows you to connect to a wealth of expertise, much of it not available via other channels. It is comprised of individuals, and not corporate firms, who have enjoyed successful careers in our industry. It includes full time consultants, recently retired executives and part time Directors who can add a great deal of value.

We also have an extensive network of Non-Executive Directors/Chairs (see our free NED/Chair Service)

Our Consultant Database is one of four major databases/networks that we maintain in support of our key service offerings, namely Consulting Services, Recruitment and Training.

  1. Master Database. We have been building our Master Database since the incorporation of george james ltd in 1999. As of 2018 our Master Database consists of over 17,000 industry contacts and is continually growing and developing. This was supplemented with the merger of JBA Consulting Limited in 2016.
  2. NED database supports our Free of Charge NED/Chair service.
  3. Free to Access Consultant Database supports our Consulting Services.
  4. LinkedIn 1st level connections. As of 2018 we have over 22,000 individual connections.

In addition to our databases we maintain relationships with the investment community (HNWI, VC’s, Private Equity Firms, Regulated investment firms) and specialist firms with a track record of working with scientific/technology companies, e.g. legal firms and internationalisation specialists.

Customer Benefits or our Virtual Model

The major, related, benefits offered by our Virtual Model include:

  • Value for money.  We have a lean business model with minimum central overheads and low fixed costs. We do not expect our customers to pay for architect designed offices and our customer facing staff’s remuneration is solely dependent on successful project delivery.
  • In depth industry experience. All individuals in our Free to Access Consultant Database and network have had careers that have given them in-depth experience and knowledge of the industries we serve.  Our Consultant Database, as with our other core databases and networks, is very talent rich.
  • Scope and Reach. The range of skills and experience contained in our Free to Access Consultant Database and network along with the global reach enables us to help our customers find the best match for their needs.  We support companies from start-up to exit looking for help and assistance with a wide range of business issues, both commercial and technical – see Scope.

For more information see:

Or contact Andrew Burns


Free services supported by our paid for services.  If you or any of your contacts are considering engaging a recruiter, consultant or trainer we will welcome the opportunity to be considered.