Peter Queen

Peter works with organisations, and the individuals that shape them, to identify and mitigate the barriers that prevent them from realising their full potential and their shared vision of success. With a career spanning Human Resources, Business Development, Pre-Contract, Procurement, Supply Chain, Bid Management, and Investment, he has a demonstrable track record of adding value as a Consultant, Board Advisor, and SuperConnector.

Peter is “sector agnostic” having cut his teeth in the domestic and global Construction and Property arenas but having also operated in International Trade, Foodstuffs (specifically Water and Dairy), Agriculture, Renewable Energies, A.I., Commodities, Infrastructure (Roads, Rail, Water, Telecoms, Power), Film & Media, and Hospitality & Leisure.  Not only can Peter adapt to new sectors, but actively welcomes the challenges that they present as an opportunity to bring forward fresh thinking and an objective approach.

With an almost evangelical stance on the importance of people in business, and the impact they have on organisational success (both positive and negative), Peter has a vast experience in the development and management of complex and sensitive stakeholder engagement strategies, particularly in the context of multi-disciplinary projects and processes.  He has facilitated both business growth and enhanced profitability through the optimisation of business to business and professional relationships, specifically around the deployment of appropriate CRM systems and their application.

With what some may consider an unconventional career journey, Peter has a unique set of skills and experiences developed through cumulative learning that informs his holistic and agile approach to addressing the challenges and pressures that face organisations and their management teams in the ever-changing domestic and global marketplace.

Core Skills

  • Objective analysis and evaluation of an organisation’s structure and processes.
  • Determination and alignment of strategies and plans.
  • Market positioning and market penetration.
  • Business development methodologies.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Internal and external communications.
  • Effective and efficient network building.
  • Multiple-stakeholder engagement and management.
  • Industry and corporate governance.
  • Identification and securing of business compatible investment.
  • Developing and delivering both bids and tenders.
  • Supply chain resilience and development.
  • Public sector procurement and private sector procurement.
  • Mentoring, training, and succession planning.

Key Achievements

  • Taking a static business from £9m to £40 over 5years through a repositioning strategy
  • Restoring positive Board, Management, Employee relations through a communications strategy.
  • Building a start-up business to a £6.5m t/o, 30%Net Profit operation in 3years.
  • Generating profitable business and personal growth through professional networks.
  • Securing new employment for 75% of those affected by a mass redundancy programme.
  • Increasing Operating Profit through efficiencies and without reduction in employees.
  • Restructuring and Repositioning a business following a complex MBO to an industry leader.
  • Turnaround of a business from decline at sub £30m with loss to a £65m with profit over 3years.

Creating a successful consulting business model built on social moral and ethical values.

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