Jose Velada

José Velada has over 22 years R&D experience in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer healthcare industries. For the past 13 years José has headed R&D teams with a long history of successful generic and super generic developments for main territories (e.g. US, EU, CAN, BRZ) as well as emerging markets (e.g. MENA, LATAM, CIS, ASEAN). José is comfortable cooperating with and/or managing international multidisciplinary teams geographically dispersed.

In 2019 José started consulting to offer his know-how and experience to the wider pharmaceutical community. José offers consulting and advisory services to the pharmaceutical industry in technical R&D areas such as formulation and process development, generation/review of CMC package and project management. José offers his experience and know how to design and optimise R&D activities and to strategically align R&D vision with company objectives.

As Board Member, José has been instrumental in linking R&D vision and company objectives. José contributes to and drive the R&D direction of a company by introducing new strategic technologies, delivery platforms and sound science. José is passionate about optimising R&D output: define development roadmap, implement Quality by Design, mapping of human and material resources, setting of relevant KPIs and introducing Lean in R&D. José’s core technical expertise lies in the formulation and process development of small molecule drug products to generate the CMC registration package following Quality by Design. José is a seasoned manager with international experience in Chile, Czech Republic, India, Middle East, Netherlands and Spain.

José holds a PhD in Chemistry by the Universidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU) and was a Research Fellow at the department of Chemistry and Applied Chemistry of the University of Salford, UK; which amounts to around 10 years R&D experience in academia. José is an accomplished physical chemist and as such he is passionate about correlating the macro properties of the product with the fundamental physicochemical properties of its components.

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