Ian Benson

Global VP for more than 20 years in a FTSE 250 company.  Highly experienced in B2B marketing and strategy development, including Marcomms, Branding, Private labelling, Product Management, for in-process measurement and automation solutions in the Food, Tobacco, Film Extrusion and Converting manufacturing sectors. A track record of achieving above the norm, long term business growth, in a competitive arena.

Skilled at Key account development and retention with a view to creating future acquisition opportunities.

5 years as an Ethics and Compliance Officer in a FTSE 250 Company.

Ian helps companies:

  • To expand internationally by identifying the correct sales channels approach
  • To develop a longer-term strategic plan through by constructively challenging the status-quo
  • To improve process capability through in line measurement.
  • To develop sales strategies that focus on the development of key accounts.
  • To develop branding mission and visions through facilitation efforts
  • To achieve premium pricing through “product” differentiation
  • To expand their portfolio through acquisition by identifying synergistic targets and effecting introductions
  • To audit /evaluate their current manufacturing process and in line instrumentation and charter an optimal way forward to improve productivity and quality
  • To define a road map for growth – particularly start-up Instrumentation/technology based companies.
  • To put in place formal product management to improve NPD and NPI processes in order to generate a better return on innovation and more effective competitive positioning of new product offerings
  • To Increase sales and maintain or improve margin


The aim of Ian’s intervention is to help his customers achieve one or more of the following:

  • Focus on profitable growth strategy and avoid distraction
  • Maximise their profitability and competitiveness
  • Develop enduring profitable partnerships with their customers
  • Develop an enduring culture which employees can relate to and defining focus for future growth
  • Grow their business inorganically and faster than would be possible organically but profitably at the same time
  • Understand if what they are doing is effective valuable and whether the status quo can be improved to enhance process optimisation and competitiveness
  • Establish the best way forward at the least cost and risk
  • Make sure every development $ count and ensure that new product launches are successful


Ian’s customers include:

  • Terry Moros, PepsiCo
  • Fred Bourg PepsiCo/Mondelez now consultant
  • Manual Hoehener, Buhler
  • Jim Fox GSK
  • Mike Adamson BAT
  • Luis Sartor Avery
  • Jimmy Wagner Brueckner
  • Michael Hecht Independent
  • Jonathan Eaton Spectris, now Consultant


Ian is highly focussed, results driven, charismatic and an inspirational leader with excellent communication skills and a strong ethos of ‘commit and deliver’.

If you would like to speak to Ian you can contact andrew.burns@georgejamesltd.com

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