Dr Coulton Legge

Coulton is an experienced and passionate innovator, who has spent his career in the life sciences sectors of pharmaceutical and consumer health R&D. He has championed innovation across many companies and geographies, focusing on scientific/technical, business and customer benefits. As a result of this, Coulton has many examples of commercialised innovations.

Coulton helps companies, big and small, to fulfil their innovation needs and ensures these opportunities are grounded in delivering financial and intellectual benefit to your business. While his career has spanned many different functions, categories, brands, technologies and processes, as a physicist Coulton believes he can bring added innovation value to many different industry sectors. He is also passionate about coaching others to build their own personal innovation expertise and has built, developed and grown teams of many different cultures and geographies (UK, USA and Switzerland primarily).

Coulton can support clients in any of the following:

  1. External (Open) Innovation: For those that want to explore innovations beyond themselves, Coulton can help in your search and subsequently aid in evaluation, selection and first contact, so that you can develop your own products and services. If you need opportunities that are beyond your own capabilities, skills or expertise to help build a strategic short to long term pipeline, then Coulton can support you on your journey.
  2. Internal Innovation: For those that want support for their internal innovation, whether it is a deep dive into your pipeline or an ideation session to explore new opportunities, Coulton can support. Creativity can come from all parts of an organisation and unlocking them can be facilitated through the use of many different tools, which Coulton can share and coach you on.
  3. Business Development: For those innovators that what to determine target applications and seek new customers and partners for their innovations, Coulton can help develop a prioritised search list and support first contacts and beyond. Many start-ups, entrepreneurs and even funding bodies like Venture Capital and Private Equity need to understand how their innovation would fit into the life sciences landscape. Coulton can help in this evaluation to ensure your focus is on the best opportunities and to then secure discussions with potential partners.


Having built a career across multiple global blue chip companies developing new, emerging and innovative technologies and products, Coulton wants to help others build and grow their own innovation capabilities.

If you would like to speak to Coulton you can contact andrew.burns@georgejamesltd.com

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