Amit Vaidya

Amit’s consulting focus is in two broad areas:

1. Internationalization working with life science and medical devices companies to shape and develop their strategy to maximise the opportunity and minimize risks whilst maintaining compliance in regulated industries. His clients typically seek help in understanding the challenges in moving into International Markets; the skills and capabilities required of the organisation; the likely timelines involved, defining target markets and shaping the optimum route-to-market models. Initially, companies are likely to use a low cost of entry model to new territories using distributor partners and Amit has a lot of experience in designing distributor-based internationalization models. For clients already ventured into new markets, he has helped companies restructure and rescue failed internationalization initiatives.

2. Working with and through senior and middle management teams to facilitate change and business transformation initiatives that have included company expansion across cultures and geographic boundaries, gearing up for future ambitions, consolidation and refocus, as well as shaping business processes to drive leaner organisations through greater efficiency of processes.

Amit can help you answer difficult questions such as:

  • What are the key considerations and risks in expanding internationally – apart from the seemingly lucrative macroeconomics reports?
  • How do we leverage the macroeconomic attractions into real financial results?
  • What do we need to do to succeed in Pharma and devices sectors?
  • Do you really understand the obstacles along the way and what it takes to overcome them?
  • Many international ventures rely on choosing and negotiating a commercial deal with a partner in your chosen market. What experience do you have of designing partner models and choosing and negotiating partners for your business?
  • So many business change and transformation programmes fail to deliver the business benefits that they were designed to achieve. How can we ensure that our change or transformation programme is successful? How can we deliver the benefits we want to achieve through inter and intra-departmental support to drive the end-results we seek?
  • What are the first practical steps to be considered before we embark on a change programme? How do we get buy-in from all levels? Who are/will be the change ambassadors and how do we create a cascade of buy-in down and across the organisation?
  • For SME’s in Life Sciences, what are the routes and options to commercialisation? How do we approach and negotiate on those routes with a potential third party? What is our offering and unique value-add proposition?

Amit has detailed understanding of the African Continent for any companies wishing to explore this territory. Specific examples of questions he can answer for companies include:

  • With 1.2 billion population and some attractive macroeconomic indicators, Africa is a Continent of 54 countries divided by language, religion and colonial ancestry. Do you understand what it takes to succeed across this Continent? Which markets might be the best-fit for your initial thoughts and ambitions?
  • Sub Saharan Africa comprises almost 1bn population with mixed economies and mixed risks with some having greater potential or speed-to-market than markets in North or South Africa. Which markets can be the initial focus? How do we find and negotiate a good partner? What does the sales potential look like over a 3-year horizon?

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