Performance Management

Successfully implementing an accelerated growth or internationalisation plan and maximising the value of your company will mean dealing with many new management and leadership challenges. These can include:

  • Creating a culture, environment and organisation that allows the CEO and senior management to increasingly work ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ the business
  • Identifying whether, when and how to strengthen the board of directors and/or senior management team
  • Recruiting and retaining high calibre staff in an increasingly competitive environment – and competing effectively for resources with today’s market leaders.
  • Developing an effective communications strategy to manage the public face of an expanding company
  • Developing the capability and performance of the sales and marketing function and reducing the reliance on e.g. the founder’s contacts and sales effort
  • Appointing and managing channel partners – possibly in other countries
  • Establishing strategic relationships and commercial arrangements with new suppliers
  • Introducing performance targets, to motivate and drive growth
  • Improving operational and internal communication processes
  • Raising finance and dealing with external investors
  • Making your first acquisition and integrating the acquired company.

Ultimately, successful and sustainable growth relies on good leadership, effective management at all levels of the organisation and the efficient delivery of high quality products and service. Your people can be your competitive advantage.

george james has developed two specific performance management programmes that are designed to help our customers with the execution of their growth plans whilst maintaining effective delivery in the midst of business transformation.   The first of these programmes focuses on the development of the sales and marketing function and is aimed at helping partners accelerate top-line growth.  The second is designed to develop personal development plans for key personnel such that they can deliver to their full potential, keep pace with the change, and act as catalysts for others that they lead.

Both programmes are bespoke, following consultation with the client and a review of their specific requirements.  They typically last between 6 and 12 months.

To understand if we can help your company please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.