At george james we have first-hand experience of fund raising and understand how intensive the process can be and how much it can distract from managing Business as Usual.  We can dramatically lessen the impact on your business by facilitating the fund-raising process on your behalf.  We can also save you considerable professional services fees by making sure that you are fully prepared before engaging with the investment community.

We will also advice you if we believe that your fund raising is likely to be unsuccessful as we have detailed knowledge and experience of investment criteria and what investors are looking for.

We will advise and guide you on the preparation of the necessary documentation, particularly your Information Memorandum and supporting documentation.

We will then take your funding proposal to our international network of investors. This network includes HNWI’s, VC’s and PE Firms in Europe and the USA.

Typically our customers require an infusion of cash to stabilise the financial condition of their company and to fund its expansion. The funding can be equity based, in the form of Venture Capital or Business Angel investment or it could involve elements of debt financing.  We will facilitate the introduction of qualified investors and, together with your management, will formulate an investment strategy and provide support, as required in the compilation of the necessary documentation and negotiation process.

In some circumstances funding can also be achieved from cash flow through business development initiatives on which george james will also advise.  This may include the possibility of licensing the technology to a multi-national company(ies) in exchange for financial consideration from the licensee.  Such considerations could include option fees, up-front fees, technology transfer fees, and/or royalties.  Other business development options might include divesting the company (or its assets).

There are many ways to lose a potential deal and with many man-years of practical experience we will guide you in the shaping and presentation of plans and how to avoid creating barriers to investment.

Investment is also a two-way relationship and as part of assisting you with your fund-raising we will seek to introduce potential investors who best suit your business needs and management style.

There are four key Phases in our support programme. Details are in the following document (click to download).

Our remuneration for these services is largely success based.

To understand if we can help your company please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.