Disruptive Technologies Workshop

We have designed this C-Level 1 day workshop to encourage our customers to think about the Eco-System in which their business operates and the impact of disruptive technologies and new business models on it.

Where required by the customer, this workshop can be enhanced with pre-workshop research, see Disruptive Technology SWOT.  This research is also available on a stand alone basis.

Although based on our knowledge of disruptive technology trends across many sectors, each session is specifically tailored to the market in which the company operates and takes the following into account for each customer:

  • Their chosen target markets;
  • Their product and service offerings;
  • The available markets.

The workshop addresses the macro issues of disruptive technology trends and helps each customer assess the resilience of their existing technology and business model and/or new opportunities.  Specific issues addressed include any further research needed, the likely impact on the organisation, possible recruitment requirements and financial planning assumptions.

Specifically, the workshop helps you examine:

  • Emerging Disruptive Technology Trends in your Eco-System
  • How these trends impact on your position in the value chain and the ongoing viability of your existing products and services
  • Potential opportunities to integrate and/or develop (buy v build) disruptive technology in to your offer
  • The business model and Transition required to exploit disruptive technology in your offer
  • Funding requirements.

The workshop is summarised through a short report recommending Next Steps.

This intensive 1 Day 1-1 Workshop is ideal for B-B technology companies:

  • With established businesses and proven technology
  • With a customer base that includes major companies also with traditional business models

To understand if we can help your company please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.