Disruptive Technologies – SWOT

Disruptive Technologies – Opportunities and Threat Assessment. This research service is for those customers wishing to understand the potential impact of disruptive technologies on their eco-system and what this represents in terms of Opportunity and Threat.

This research is often carried out as a precursor to our 1 day Disruptive Technologies Workshop.

The research typically takes between 5 and 15 days depending upon its complexity, the customer’s existing knowledge of it, and the depth of research required.

george james carries out the research by drawing on its own domain expertise, by researching available data and information and by accessing industry specialists and other insiders from its various networks.

This research is a first pass of an 8-point Discovery process designed to:

  1. Identify the emerging Technologies that are, or have the capability of, impacting the Customer’s Eco-System
  2. Rank these technologies in terms of their likely impact on the customer’s business
  3. Assess the Pace and Scale of change and the rate at which the Eco-System may be effected
  4. Identify the opportunities for the customer to buy/build its own disruptive technology
  5. Identify the business transformation required
  6. Assess the overall impact on the existing business strategy & company valuation
  7. Identify the risks
  8. Assess the funding required

The workshop’s main deliverable is a bespoke Programme Plan which lets you adjust your existing business strategy to take in to account the impact of a disruptive technologies strategy.

The workshop will help you ‘know what you still don’t know’ and, therefore, to ask questions to which you still need answers.

To understand if we can help your company please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.