Business Planning

george james offers Business Plan Documentation services.  We have written and evaluated hundreds of Business Plans and we use a tried and tested approach.  Before rushing into print however, we would work with you to look at your business and consider what you are trying to achieve, specifically your aims and objectives and how you think you will achieve them:  The process is as, if not more, important than the plan itself:

  • What are your business objectives for the next 2 – 3 years?
  • Are you looking for organic or acquisitive growth?
  • Have you an exit, for example through a trade sale?
  • Is your business defensible and is it scaleable without its founders?

We think a good business plan is about the planning process, the decisions it influences, bottom line results, and increasing the business’ value.

A good plan serves several purposes:

  • Formalises working practices;
  • Focuses the business;
  • Defines business objectives and the plans needed to achieve them;
  • Establishes Key Performance and Key Financial Indicators;
  • Creates benchmarks against which to review performance and take corrective action;
  • Helps define a new business or new venture (e.g. expansion into a new territory);
  • Evaluates the impact of a new product, new market etc. on an existing business;
  • Supports fund raising, for example through a bank loan or equity finance;
  • Helps market the company to potential partners;
  • Acts as a recruitment aid;
  • Supports the valuation of the business.


To understand if we can help your company please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.