Non-Executive Chair – Biotech – Fundraising – Ref.: JVM300622R

Filled NED Positions
  • Date posted: 5th July 2022
Job Description

Rostra Therapeutics Limited has a goal of developing a molecular platform technology into medicines to treat infectious disease.  The technology, second generation minor grove binders (S-MGBs), has been developed in the University of Strathclyde’s Pure and Applied Chemistry department.  S-MGBs show broad efficacy against infectious disease pathogens including fungi, bacteria, viruses, parasites and mycobacteria. First discovered in 2003, the first generation of S-MGBs were spun-out of the University in 2009 to MGB Biopharma who have successfully developed a S-MGB molecule through phase II clinical studies for the treatment of C. difficile associated disease (CDAD).  There is now a significant body of evidence for the second-generation S-MGBs supporting their further development towards medicines to treat infectious diseases.

Rostra Therapeutics is now seeking to appoint a board Chair with a track record of successful fundraising for drug development, and significant networks in this area, both within the UK and internationally.  The ideal candidate will provide scrutiny, leadership, oversight, and strategic input to the Company and support to the experienced CEO and Senior Management Team.  The Chair will ensure an effective relationship between all Board Members and Stakeholders/Shareholders and act as an independent voice in the event of a dispute between the Directors.

The successful candidate will have practical experience of building and scaling Companies and have a good track record in Leadership within a Start-Up/spin out environment.  The role holder will have had Non-Executive Director experience, ideally as a Chair.

The Company currently has limited funds to be able to remunerate the Chair role, but this will change when the next milestones are met.  Board meetings are bi-monthly.  The time commitment is around 1 day per month.


For more information or to apply please contact to David Findlay, the CEO at