Ted Smith

Ted Smith has thirty years of experience in Life Sciences Human Resources and Organisational Development, having worked with GSK, Vernalis, MRC, Wellcome Trust and smaller biotechs.

Ted specialises in tricky issues involving human beings.  From leading on a major restructuring, to resolving a war between two Execs, from advising on remuneration strategy to coaching an inexperienced Head of HR, and sometimes simpler things like helping a team become more productive.  Ted draws on the following experience:

  • 14 years working at Glaxo with the R&D and IT teams, most latterly as VP HR. Led major culture change programme and ran a huge merger, with no court cases!
  • 8 years as HR Director at Vernalis, featuring a string of mergers and acquisitions
  • 5 years at the Medical Research Council, transforming the pay and rewards for government scientists and working in Africa to improve conditions
  • 3 years at Wellcome Trust establishing an international online training programme for researchers and introducing a major, and transformative, mental health initiative
  • 2 years at each of Leicester Poly as President of the Students Union, a Trainee at Wycombe Council and Nielsen and AGB Market Research in junior HR roles
  • 4 years as an HR and Organisational Development Consultant covering a wide range of projects in SMEs

Ted has been a speaker at leading HR conferences in the UK and USA, has a book that will be published later in the year, and has both mentored and coached many people in the life sciences field.

Ted has been Chair of the Board at Herts Careers, a Trustee at Wysing Arts and is currently Interim Chair at The Ideas Foundation.

Ted regularly goes to music festivals (like Glastonbury), and loves live football, rugby and cricket.

If you would like to speak to Ted you can contact andrew.burns@georgejamesltd.com

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