Ross Law

Ross is a, Oxfordshire, UK based, consultant experienced in delivering projects and advice across Development, Real World/Market Access and Commercialisation.

Ross’s specific expertise includes helping organizations: create B2B relationships; running ongoing Alliances/Partnerships; Business Development process design and execution; Facilitation of Strategy Creation, Metrics and Execution; Business and Account Planning; Business Process Analysis, Design and Implementation; Marketing and Business Intelligence.  He brings experienced in a wide range of Therapeutic areas and Functions in the development and commercialisation of medicines.

Ross focuses on providing practical advice and solutions to healthcare companies.  He works with his sponsor to understand the issues and opportunity to be addressed.  He will engage stakeholders, ensure clear and regular communication with his sponsor and bring an engaging work practice and manner in day-to-day interactions.  Ross works on his own projects and as part of multi-disciplinary teams made up of internal and/or external professionals.

Some of the sorts of questions Ross can assist you to answer are:

How do I maximise the value each party is creating from my Clinical or Commercial Alliance?

Can you facilitate the creation of a strategy and scorecard to guide and facilitate success in this important Alliance?

How do I get alignment across my organisation to the execution of our strategy?

How can I measure progress in the execution of my strategy?

What process do I need to ensure we are capturing all business stakeholder inputs to our strategic plan?

What is the optimal way to align my Business Development function to support the company strategy?

How can I be more efficient and focused in my Account Planning process?

What is the optimal way to systematically capture, share and act on Customer Feedback?

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