Paul Davies

Paul has a track record of helping companies (often early stage start-ups) to create and then execute a commercial strategy that will deliver results to satisfy potential investors or shareholders.

The challenges companies face, and which Paul has helped them address are:

  • Establishing a proven market or customer need and feeding back for product R&D
  • Meeting with potential customers in international markets to create a customer profile
  • Understanding likely customer objections and limitations and then developing robust answers?
  • Has price and the proposition been tested, a sale made?
  • Creating a “selling story” which can be trained and transferred to others
  • Recruiting, Training the right people to create an effective commercial team
  • Creating a marketing strategy and deploying the right technology platforms and collateral to deliver it?
  • Creating realistic and achievable forecasts and projections and a measurable pipeline.
  • Establishing a customer service function and a post sales capability
  • Roles & Responsibilities – CEO, Commercial Director, General Manager, Training
  • Board Directorships – Healthcare & Nutrition, Sport, Biotech, Contract Sales, High Tech Homecare
  • Investment Activity – MBO, IPO, Seed Funding, Series A and PE
  • Sector Experience – Organ-on-a-Chip lab technology, Healthcare & Nutrition (B2B & B2C), Homecare, Sport, Biotech, Infection Control, CRO Phase I & II, Medical Devices, POCT IVD & Pharma
  • Skills & Experience – IP Exploitation, Commercial Planning & Execution, Business Re-engineering, Innovative & Disruptive Technologies, Marketing & Sales Management, International Experience (US, China, Japan & EU)

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