Matt Wilkinson

Matt helps life science and tech companies bring new brands, products and services to market. He designs and drives marketing strategies and has a particular passion for helping organisations uncover customer’s hidden needs that help companies become more differentiated and win hearts and minds by focussing on solving real customer problems.

Dr Matt Wilkinson MBA has a PhD in chemistry and an MBA in strategic marketing and innovation and has held strategic commercial roles both in-house and in agency. He is a Visiting Fellow in the Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales at the Cranfield School of Management where he teaches on the Strategic Marketing MSc and mentors executive MBAs through the level 7 Apprenticeship.

Matt helps mentor brands, CEOs and marketing leaders to create unique positions, propositions and strategies that raise awareness, create interest and build increased commercial traction. He helps bring these to life using customer stories that build authentic human to human connections through a combination of coaching, customer insight and strategic storytelling.

A digital native, he has experience of working with organisations of all sizes and has led multi-million-pound eCommerce transformations as well as leading marketing automation implementation and CRM integration projects as well as business development programmes.

Matt typically works with marketing leaders and managing directors that:

  • Are looking to bring new products, services and brands to market
  • Are getting headaches from their sales teams complaining they don’t have enough of the right leads,
  • Are concerned they don’t know which activities are getting them results
  • Are disappointed their stories aren’t resonating
  • Need to measure and enhance customer experience


He has worked with a range of brands including Agilent Technologies, AstraZeneca, Bristol Myers Squibb, Congenica, Galderma, LGC, Orchestra Biomed, OGT, Proteros, Reflare, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Toshiba Electronics Europe, and Waters.

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