Marc Buckingham

Marc joined the medical devices industry in 2004 as a sales rep. His career comprised sales and product management of products in wound care, continence, anaesthetics and operating room environments. He introduced various market leading products into the UK healthcare market.

In 2009 Marc became involved in the ‘safety connector project’ (now ISO80639) and consulted for companies all over the world on their adoption of safety connectors for spinal, epidural and regional anaesthesia devices. Marc remains interested in and connected with this project as a specialist consultant. After a spell working in international business, Marc launched his consulting career and in addition to his own expertise, he can call on a network of specialists in the adoption of new and innovative medical technologies.

Marc uses a Performance Consulting approach to help you identify:

  • Where you are now
  • Where you want to be in future
  • What is the cost of the gap (or what opportunity it presents?)
  • What action will close that gap

His GoToMarket process answers the following questions:

  • Why your product/service is appropriate for the market
  • Who you need to engage to make it a success?
  • What you need to do to bring your product/service to market
  • How you achieve success through and following your product launch

Finding you a route to market via specialist distributors is one of Marc’s specialisms, having brought numerous successful products to market via his network.

If you would like to speak to Marc you can contact

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