George Boukouris

George has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, focusing on medical device commercialization, marketing and sales, and fundraising in Europe and North America.

George has worked as a retained consultant for most of the past decade in medical product commercialisation roles for UK and European pharmaceutical companies, a Hong Kong-based medical device manufacturer, US-based VC start-ups as well as Nikon. The brief typically involves developing a strategy for product launch working hand and glove with RA/QA specialists and validating product acceptance prior to launch as well as taking new products from zero to credible seven-figure revenue generation.

George will facilitate the introduction of UK. firms to Structured Business Financing seeking financing to establish operations in North America and Canadian and American firms expanding to the United Kingdom who are seeking financing in the UK.

Most of George’s assignments have an international context which exploit his wide experience and his broad range of professional contacts within the healthcare delivery sector.

Current assignments involve commercialisation and pre-commercialisation work involving delivering therapeutics directly into the brain, a ground-breaking wound closure solution and spinal repair technologies in Europe and the USA.

Educated to doctoral level, George has been an Associate at Sheffield University Management School working as a supervisor for a limited number of MSc dissertation projects. George holds ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry accreditation) and an OR technician BTec. George recently accepted a Senior Industrial Fellowship at the School of Science and Technology, Nottingham Trent University.

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