Derek Gallacher

Derek Gallacher provides full “hands on” and real-world experience of setting up UK Pharma companies from product pre-approval stage, right through to launch and development into a standalone profitable commercial entity. Derek brings over 32 years of Pharma experience ranging from research, sales and marketing, commercial, start-up, European Board Directorship and Country Management.

Derek helps Pharma/Biotech companies make the pivotal decision between partnering a product or retaining full control and launching themselves:

  • Development of Scenarios
  • Business Case
  • Key Considerations, Tasks, Resources & Costs
  • Optimal Launch Model
  • Outsourced vs Headcount

Should the decision be made to commercialise alone, Derek (with a wide established network of specialist colleagues) can lead and manage all activities towards UK setup and effective launch/commercialisation for example:

  • Regulatory, PV/MI, Compliance
  • Budgets/Forecasting
  • Product Supply and Requirements for Wholesale Dealers Licence (WDA)
  • Financial and Legal
  • Office Establishment, HR and Staffing
  • Salesforce (CSO/Headcount)
  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Pricing and Reimbursement
  • Training
  • KOL Activities
  • Marketing and Promotional Campaign/Materials

Since 2012 Derek has guided and supported clients in Ethical Pharma, Medical Devices and Cell Based Therapies across a multitude of therapy areas.

Derek prides himself on real world experience of UK Pharma Setup, offering support and guidance from a position of having actually performed and coordinated these wide and varied functions himself.

If you would like to speak to Derek you can contact

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