David Lewis

David is a skilled product designer, mechanical, robotics and automation engineer.

David specialises in the design and fabrication of bespoke machinery, small and large-scale automated and robotic assembly modules, machine design and manufacture and digital fabrication. David is experienced in the design and fabrication of end of arm tooling and has excellent knowledge in the programming and operation of numerous robotic arms and solutions.

David’s other skills include; Tool and machine design (prototyping and manufacture), living space design, such as geodesic domes and glass living environments, and large scale IT Network design and deployment. David has more than Twenty years of CAD design and digital manufacturing experience using a number of computer aided design packages, such as, Solidworks and Rhinoceros 3D. He also have a range of project management skills including the setting up and running of InnovateUk (TSB) innovation projects.

David has been 3D printing using fused filament fabrication for nearly 10 years as it has huge value to product designer and engineers being able to quickly produce plastic prototypes to help better understand design limitations and flaws before the final and costly prototype was produced.

David has worked on many ground-breaking Innovate UK projects, such as 3D concrete printing and Flexible Robotic Manufacturing cells for the Built Environment with Skanska UK. One of his more recent Innovate UK projects was to design and fabricate a Lithium ion battery cell lab printer to show case the benefits of moving away from traditional analogue methods of producing battery cells to an improved accuracy and better efficiency digital process.

David has worked with a number of industrial robots over the years, in particularly with ABB robotics who has collaborated with on many projects. David has also worked with a number of smaller robotic companies such as DOBOT and has integrated their robots in to a number of bespoke solutions for clients.

David loves an engineering challenge, no matter what size and get a huge sense of satisfaction from designing and producing a solution to a technical problem.

Qualifications: BA (Ed) Design and Technology, MA Product Design, Microsoft Certified Professional, ABB Robotics Programmers and Operators qualification.

If you would like to speak to David you can contact andrew.burns@georgejamesltd.com

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