Charles Gloor

Charles is a truly global NED, interim manager, and consultant with experience across Europe and South East Asia.

Charles is currently the Business Trustee for the British Pharmacological Society and a member of the board of directors of BPS Assessment Ltd, a start-up in on-line prescribing safety assessments & eLearning.

Nominated by the EBRD, Charles completed just over 3 years as a non-executive member of the board of Monos, the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler, retailer, and manufacturer in Mongolia. Charles is also a director of a local housing association for a development with over 350 homes.

Charles was Managing Director of Alphega Pharmacy, a business unit of Alliance Healthcare / Alliance Boots. As MD, he led a network of 7 subsidiaries throughout Europe and Russia with over 5’000 independent member community pharmacies.

Prior to becoming a NED & management consultant, Charles started and established AVS Health for Celesio (now Manufacturer Solutions) providing distribution and marketing services to nearly 400 healthcare companies through 10 subsidiaries in 8 countries throughout Europe.

He previously established Zuellig Pharma as Vietnam’s largest foreign distributor and marketing/agency service provider of pharmaceutical & healthcare products.

In summary, Charles seeks to add value to firms seeking:

  • senior management experience in the global pharmaceutical supply chain, warehousing, regional & last-mile distribution, and ERP systems as well as corporate finance/PE. This includes a solid underpinning in GDP/GxP & FMD
  • deep experience on working capital management, financial & operations metrics from a supply chain and business process perspective
  • solid M&A experience from due-diligence to integration
  • solid corporate governance and NED experience
  • a willingness to travel and also take on interim-management roles
  • experience spanning start-up to medium sized companies/divisions
  • a highly international multi-lingual profile (fluent German, Swiss German, English and French)
  • a willingness to travel globally


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