Dr Bjorn Hammarberg

Bjorn focuses on helping companies explore and execute their strategy in a way that maximises the opportunity and minimizes the risk. Bjorn has also helped many companies restructure and rescue failed internationalization initiatives.

Bjorn can help you answer the difficult questions. If, for example, you have a China strategy these are typical of some of questions that Bjorn can help you with:

  • What the real market conditions for your products and services are – can you make money?
  • What you need to do to succeed in the pharma and med tech sectors?
  • What the obstacles are, have you identified them all and do you really understand them?
  • Are your expectations and financial assumptions realistic?
  • Have you considered that China is a continent and not a country – do you know how to deal with the authorities and regulators in each of the provinces where you intend to do business – which is 34 if you are looking for complete coverage?
  • What is the true percentage of the population that could use (or afford) your product or service – what have you assumed in your business plan
  • Reimbursed prices on medicines and Med Tech can be as low as 5% – 10% of European and US prices. What is the likely reimbursement price for your product?
  • To succeed in China you will need a partner(s) – do you have experience in finding partners in China?
  • Are you looking for Chinese investment – are you prepared for the large differences in management style and corporate governance?
  • What steps have you taken to manage the intercultural communication challenges you will face and which can lead to unforeseen and unwelcome difficulties.
  • Do you know how to set up clinical trials in China and do you know whether you can get your product in to the country?

If you would like to speak to Bjorn you can contact andrew.burns@georgejamesltd.com

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