Barry Stephen Hynes

Barry is an experienced senior service manager with 25 years in the Life Science and Analytical Instrument markets. After a career start in technical roles within the Armed Forces he has built his knowledge around field organisations in American multinational companies. His development through his professional career has been achieved through service and sales management, business development leading to a General Management role responsible for $100m turnover, all enhancing his solid background in field operations.

Barry’s Core Skills are Leadership, Management, Coaching, Mentoring, Quality Management, and Field Engineering.

Barry’s knowledge and skill is in restructuring and reorganising field organisations with focus on commercial goals, while increasing customer satisfaction levels through KPIs focussed on profit, employee retention and customer satisfaction. His personal skills are around , selecting, assisting in recruiting and mentoring managers allowing them to embrace change while improving their focus on leadership. His ability to provide support for inexperienced managers guiding them as they gain skills in customer satisfaction and staff retention. His coaching skills are used to rapidly refocus department leaders and their staff, promoting their own personal and career satisfaction, the customers importance and resultant tangible business improvement.

Expertise gained building remote site-based engineer groups for demanding high value customers. Meeting the development requirements to supply the skills and competencies needed for these sites. Building the site’s ability to comply with contract compliance and development.

His experience is of converting domestic and international dealerships to an in house direct sales and service model, building from the internal company support setup, to key personnel selection and induction into the host company culture.

Barry has completed due diligence for company expansions and acted as stakeholder leader for Service ERP management implementations of CRM systems to field organisations.

His focus on setting up the development of Influencer Marketing through all members of your customer facing employees and the promotion of consumables and add-ons.

If you feel a link to the following questions, he can help.

  • Are you looking to to refresh your service organisation and focus them on your customer requirements?
  • Are you in the process of recruiting a new service manager but not willing to take a chance on either an internal candidate, or struggling to find one from the marketplace?
  • Is your service group aligned in it’s desire to retain customers, enhance their product usage while guiding customers to obsolescence and building key relationships?
  • Is the service organisation struggling in contributing to your overall customer satisfaction targets?
  • Is you field service organisation still a cost and not a profit stream?
  • Are your service management team lacking sales and commercial focus?
  • Is your Service group supporting sales in a holistic manner to add additional value, not just added costs?
  • Do your Engineers and Sales employees understand quality and its impact on end goals?

If these goals are your goals, Barry can assist you.

If you would like to speak to Barry you can contact

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