Tailored ‘In-House’

Your requirements determine the course content as rarely do two different situations require the same solution. The design of your programme starts with a discussion to determine your training objectives. Some useful questions to start with are…

  • What is it that you want to achieve from any training investment that you make?
  • What will success look like in terms of changing people’s behaviours on a day to day basis as a result of attending the programme?
  • What do you feel will be the greatest challenges in changing people’s behaviour?

Our tailored programmes take account of…  

Your existing Sales Process using your common language. We are able to build your existing Sales Process into the programme using the model of the Sales Funnel or Sales Pipeline as appropriate (referencing and reinforcing the use of your SFA / CRM system). We also take account of your forecasting rules. This may embed further and build upon any previous training initiatives and can be used to further strengthen the necessity to use the Sales Process in order to optimise the use of time and resources across the business.  

Your Sales / Business Strategy and day to day standards of performance expected – we take time to understand your Sales / Business Strategy and the standards of performance you expect of those in their Sales, Support and Service roles prior to their commencing the programme. This ensures that the training supports the execution of this strategy and the training is designed in such a way as to ensure the standards of performance expected of those attending on a day to day basis are ‘brought to life’ and are related clearly to the challenges and opportunities faced in the field and across the business. 


For more details regarding the Tailored ‘In-House’ training please contact us.