Professional Selling Skills

Professional Selling Skills Programme dates:

3 Day Training and Personal Development Programme for Sales People in the Life Science, Biotechnology and Laboratory Scientific Market Place

If you are looking to improve the capability of your Sales People to do any or all of the following:

  • Proactively manage the sales process in order to forecast accurately
  • Manage their sales opportunities to ‘best practice’ standards
  • Make the very best use of their time and prioritise tasks
  • Manage their sales territories effectively
  • Reach the levels of customer contact activity required
  • Thoroughly qualify their opportunities by gathering the right information, engaging with the right people and understanding the right processes
  • Tailoring their presentations to the requirements of the customer 
  • Help the customer see the real value of their offer
  • Control discounts and sell closer to or at list price
  • Overcome customer objections and concerns

This 3 Day Open Programme from george james ltd will help address all of the above with a proven approach and practical set of tools developed over many years by our trainers, while working in these industries.  The learning experience is highly interactive and places strong emphasis on practical outcomes. Delegates will gain additional benefit from the experience of other participants on the course. 

I found Pru Layton’s (Senior Trainer at george james ltd) course to be incredibly helpful in many ways, but what really came through was how experienced she is in all aspects of life science sales and how she had an excellent answer to any challenge faced! It was all delivered with good humour whilst being light-hearted and engaging but more importantly, very informative about the sales world. I’d recommend the course to anyone new to sales and even those who are more experienced looking for advice. Excellent all round! -- Kamal Laroiya, Inside Sales Executive at Expedeon/Innova Biosciences Ltd.

Who should attend?  The programme is suitable for Sales People:

  • Newly recruited into a Field Sales or In-House Sales role
  • Who have had no formal training to date in their career
  • Who would benefit from a refresher to check and build on their foundations
  • And those people looking to advance their career in a selling role. 


Price Per Person for the 3 Day Open Programme (delivered in two session of two days and one day with an interval between sessions of approximately 6 weeks):  £1,275.00 +  VAT (the programme is non residential; course materials, lunch and coffee included)

Professional Selling Skills Programme dates:

For more details regarding the Professional Selling Skills programme please contact us.