Open Programmes

Professional Selling Skills Programme dates [Find out more]:

  • January 28/29 and March 10 2020 – Cambridge, UK

Tactical Selling Skills Programme dates:

  • April 1/2 and May 19 2020 – Cambridge, UK [Postponed]
  • May 12/13 and July 2 2020 – Manchester, UK [Postponed]

Advanced Strategic Selling Skills Programme dates:

  • May 20/21 and July 1 2020 – Cambridge, UK [Postponed]
  • October 27/28 and December 1 2020 – Manchester, UK

Sales Management and Leadership Development Programme dates [Find out more]:

  • February 26/27 and April 21 2020 – Cambridge, UK
  • July 7/8 and September 8 2020 – Cambridge, UK [Book a place]
  • More 2020 dates to be announced…

Effective Channel Partner Management Programme dates [Find out more]:

  • February 4/5 2020 – Cambridge, UK
  • March 10/11 & 12 2020 – Boston, USA [Postponed]

Highly interactive and inspiring, our range of external open programmes are based on our considerable experience of delivering in house tailored Sales, Support and Service programmes to scientific and high technology companies.


The content of each programme is closely based on the most commonly delivered training modules from our in house tailored programmes and hence offers a balanced and thorough knowledge and skills based grounding.

Our open external programmes have become particularly appealing to:

  • Small companies with for instance two Sales people and a Support or Service person who are committed to training and developing their staff and who perhaps sell both direct and through distributors and agents
  • Larger companies who are looking to fast track a new recruit to a knowledge and skills level of the rest of the team who have already attended an in house tailored programme
  • Companies with a very wide range of experience in the team – from ‘rookie’ to ‘experienced professional’ – and who want to very much focus their training activity by individual
  • Individuals who are preparing themselves for the next step in their career

Although the programme agenda for each programme is fixed, small class sizes of no more 10 people allow specific questions and situations to be addressed. In addition the small class size means that all those attending are able to participate fully expressing opinions and sharing ideas.

We also offer telephone support and access to our knowledge base in supporting all participants through the programmes.

A full prospectus is available for each of our 3 open external programmes if you wish to know more.

For more details regarding the Open Programmes please contact us.