Sales Training

george james ltd has gained an excellent reputation over many years for delivering high quality and successful training programmes within the European scientific and technology market place.

We deliver both tailored in house programmes and a limited number of focussed external open programmes.

We work globally providing Sales Training and Personal Development Programmes for;

  • Sales People and Account Managers
  • Sales, Support and Service Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Application Support Specialists
  • Service Engineers
  • Customer Service and Internal Sales Personnel

How have we built this reputation?

  • All our trainers have successful career backgrounds in the scientific and technology market place, holding in house, field based, management and senior director roles on an international basis across a range of companies – we understand business…we understand many of the challenges and opportunities your people face on a day to day basis
  • We have an appreciation of your customers and the way they are organised, how they think and the need to manage the commercial and scientific elements of any sale in parallel
  • We always seek a training solution that finds practical solutions – yes some theory and key principles have to be presented however we firmly believe that if you connect this theory to the day to day challenges and opportunities those in a Sales, Support or Service role face then the level of buy in and retention is dramatically increased – this might mean finding responses to the customers common objections and concerns, developing Territory Sales Plans, managing the price conversation through the Sales Process and proving value to minimise discounts, understanding and working effectively with the Buyer / Purchasing Agent or generating more accurate Orders and Sales Forecasts
  • All the time we strive to make any training expenditure an investment and not a cost – in order to do this we design all our programmes to achieve this. We work closely with the relevant personnel in the business to ensure that the commitment is there and follow through mechanisms in place
  • By only taking on projects where we truly believe we can add value

For more details regarding the Sales Training please contact us.