Business Development Professionals EU & USA – Life Sciences – Digital Health – Ref.: JVM040220PA

Business Development Professionals EU & USA – Life Sciences – Digital Health – Ref.: JVM040220PA

Job Description

Max 60% FTE roles on one-year renewable contracts.

The Pistoia Alliance is a fast-growing, multinational, member-driven, non-profit, life sciences industry group dedicated to advancing innovation in life science R&D through pre-competitive collaboration.

They are now seeking to expand to attract new members in the digital, and new science and technology arenas, as well as geographic expansion into Asia.

They now require a number of Business Development Professional to support the Pistoia Alliance strategy, and the resulting aggressive project and membership growth targets, the Pistoia Alliance is expanding its business development activities in both the North American and European regions, with particular focus on the U.S. Northeast Corridor, Switzerland, Germany, France and the U.K.   Business Development tasks include securing new members, retaining existing members, carrying out fundraising and developing a strategic project portfolio that attracts member and grant funding.

The roles  self-directed business development contractors with strong connections in the life sciences/other high tech  industries who works well in a small-team, virtual business environment and are able to engage at all levels of an organization internally and externally. These contractors will collaborate closely with our other business development contractors to acquire new members, support existing members, and advance the project portfolio through project development, community engagement, and fundraising.  The contractors will proactively engage with the life sciences community to raise the Pistoia Alliance’s profile, developing financial resources and be strong advocates for precompetitive, open-innovation, and collaboration across the industry.

The role require technically qualified individuals with significant Business Development  track record and Passion for advancing open collaboration in the Life Sciences, Healthcare, digital health and emerging science and technologies.