2 Day Internationalisation Workshop

This customised 2-day Internationalization workshop with pre-workshop research is for customers looking at international markets who need additional market data and information to: qualify and prioritise the opportunities available to them; conduct detailed market entry planning and/or produce an investable Internationalisation Plan.

The pre-workshop research agreed in advance is heavily dependent upon the complexity of the target market, the customer’s existing knowledge of it and the depth of research required.  The objective is to add valuable context to the workshop and allow decisions to be made.

We carry out the research by drawing on our own domain expertise, by researching available data and information and by accessing industry specialists and other insiders from our global network.

The research is a first pass of a 10-point discovery process covering:

  1. Relevant regulatory requirements, standards, and codes of practice;
  2. Market drivers and the shape of the competitive landscape;
  3. Total market size and segmentation;
  4. Market availability;
  5. Customer profiles;
  6. Competitor profiles;
  7. Strategic partner profiles;
  8. The sales process and local buying behaviours;
  9. Enablers and barriers to entry;
  10. Market entry strategies.

The workshop’s main deliverable is a bespoke Programme Plan which is the foundation for developing a market entry strategy and Internationalisation Plan that, in turn, will help you internationalise far more successfully.

The workshop will also help you ‘know what you still don’t know’ and therefore, to ask questions to which you still need answers.