1 Day Internationalisation Workshop

george james has designed this 1 day workshop to help our customers decide whether, when, where and how to go international in the least risky way.

Although based on general lessons drawn from our deep experience in helping companies go international, each session is specifically tailored for each customer and their specific objectives including:

  • Their chosen target markets;
  • Their product and service offerings;
  • The available markets;
  • The resources and funds available;
  • Their long term aims and ambitions for their business.

The workshop addresses the macro issues of Internationalisation and helps our clients assess their own ‘readiness to internationalise’, particularly in terms of the research needed, the likely impact on their organisation, possible recruitment requirements, and financial planning assumptions.

Specifically, the workshop helps each customer examine:

  • Their reasons for going overseas;
  • Deciding whether, when, where and how to go international;
  • The dynamics and trends in the markets they have decided to target, including local networks, channels, resource and barriers to entry;
  • Their ability to go overseas (including technical and marketing issues);
  • Their expectations (including the date of their first sale);
  • The importance of ‘local’ resource;
  • The need to focus on building a single bridgehead;
  • Prospecting and building a sales pipeline;
  • Support & Training;
  • Balancing their new internationalisation initiative with their existing activities.

The workshop also provides insights as to why Internationalisation initiatives fail or take significantly longer, and cost more, than originally forecast.

Such reasons include:

  • Failing to recognise that international markets are not homogeneous and that each has its own highly complex linguistic, cultural, legal, commercial, and regulatory nuances;
  • Inexperienced and/or inadequate channel management;
  • A lack of confidence and fear of risk often deters companies from taking the direct approach which can often lead to greater success;
  • Head Office based staff having difficulty coping with new colleagues in new locations.

The workshop is summarised through a short report recommending Next Steps.

This intensive 1 Day 1-1 Workshop is ideal for companies:

  • With no previous experience of Internationalisation;
  • Who wish to benchmark their internationalisation initiative against Best-Practice
  • Who find their existing internationalisation initiative is not delivering the expected results.