Corporate Development

Our mission is to be recognised by our customers as trusted advisors and to help them formulate and implement Accelerated Growth and Internationalisation Strategies.

We work with our customers on bespoke consultancy assignments to develop and increase the value of their businesses by researching and developing Accelerated Growth and Internationalisation plans that are designed to match both their professional and personal ambitions.

Our consultants are a flexible, expert resource that will augment and accelerate penetration of domestic and international markets in an aggressive, yet rational and sustainable manner but who do not represent a fixed cost burden.

george james is located in the UK with an international network of consultants & specialists.

Whilst every engagement is bespoke to the individual needs of each customer we follow a proven multi-stage methodology that has been refined and optimised as a result of many man years of first hand experiences.

Our approach is designed to ensure complete transparency for our customers with multiple Go/No Go decision point throughout the process.  There are no “open cheque books” with george james ltd.

Likewise post strategy formulation Implementation support takes many forms but in all cases, is based on a clear statement of works with identifiable deliverables.  All our projects are measurable against Time, Budget and Quality.

Our Implementation Support Services include the following:


Whilst these services are generally provided in the context of a broader assignment they are also available on a stand-alone basis.

To understand if we can help your company please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.