Accelerated Growth Workshop

This 2-day Board level workshop is for our customers who want to create significant equity value by building businesses that become leading players in their chosen vertical markets.

As owner-managers, shareholders and executives, you will already be working on some if not all of the following:

  • Opportunities to increase the value of your business;
  • The potential to increase your market share and profits in your existing markets;
  • The possibility to expand into new vertical markets and/or countries;
  • Growth-by-acquisition;
  • Recruiting for growth;
  • Funding growth.

Building Trust

Prior to the Workshop we organise a series of extended conference calls and/or face to face meetings to plan the workshop itself.

This process lets you become comfortable with the experience and style of the people george james will use during the workshop process.

The workshop’s main aim is to examine how your ideas and intentions can be put into practice by:

  • Testing the principles and reasoning behind your various plans, in-particular the reality of the opportunities you are pursuing;
  • Testing the assumptions and means you are considering to generate accelerated growth;
  • Assessing your company’s ability to exploit all the growth opportunities open to it;
  • Formulating a vision;
  • Testing whether your business model is defensible and scaleable, a prerequisite if outside investment is to be attracted;
  • Developing plans and identifying the changes required to address potential barriers to investment;
  • Evaluating the level, source and type of funding needed to go forward.

Typical issues explored during this workshop include:

  • Developing a successful M&A strategy;
  • Raising and using funds as well as knowing how to work successfully with investors;
  • Managing a new and expanded Sales & Marketing function;
  • Budgeting;
  • Management Team selection and Organisational Development;
  • Recruitment;
  • Overcoming barriers to growth and managing resistance to change;
  • Effective communications;
  • Examining Buy-not-Build strategies;
  • Strategic relationships, ventures and partnerships;
  • Building scaleable and defensible businesses.

The workshop’s main deliverable is a bespoke presentation that helps you prepare your strategies and plans for presentation to existing and/or potential investors.

You can also use it to present your company to: potential acquisition targets; M&A specialists; strategic partners such as technology providers, sales channel etc.; new managers and non-executives; and the media.