Accelerated Growth

Our consultants have many years’ combined experience managing the growth of private and public companies in the Technology, Science and B-B Enterprise Software Sectors.

We have worked with Technology, Science and B-B Enterprise Software companies in the US, UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Australasia and Asia.

Why do we focus on Accelerated Growth Strategies?

  • Generating profits by growth has been shown to increase company valuations by between 25 & 100% higher than profits grown by reducing costs.
  • Technology companies are typically valued on their future ability to generate cash and not on the strength of their balance sheet.
  • Successful growth gets companies noticed and on the radar of the investment community and corporate trade buyers.
  • For many technology companies’ growth is a matter of survival. If they aren’t growing as fast, if not faster, than the average for their industry sector then they are going backwards.
  • The right type of growth is inextricably linked to valuation and hence shareholder rewards at exit (whether partial or full).
  • Accelerated Growth achieved through a defensible & scalable strategy is one of the best defensives against the impact of disruptive technologies and globalisation.

However, for all the benefits that growth can bring, not the least of which is an increase in the business’ value, many companies fail.  Our mission is to improve our customers’ chances of success.

What do we do and how do we do it?

We help our customers review and develop strategies and implementation plans that increase their ‘Economic Value Added’ at a greater rate than any normal increase in profit. Put simply, this means helping increase company values by 25-100% more than profit grown simply by reducing costs.

We do this by looking for growth opportunities:

  • Organically, e.g. by increasing the profits from existing products and services in existing markets; by developing new offerings for existing markets; by penetrating new markets and developing new channels to market; and by taking existing offerings overseas (Internationalisation).
  • Externally through strategic alliances and/or acquisitions in existing products, services, markets and channels; in adjacent vertical markets; and occasionally in non-core businesses.

The Right Type of Growth

Any Growth strategy must result in the best outcome for both customers and shareholders. By this we mean that it is not just about the numbers. Not all growth is equally valuable. We focus on developing Accelerated Growth Strategies that result in “Top Book Value”.   Achieving top line growth should maximise & not detract from future valuations.   Many other factors must be taken in to account, including but not limited to:

  • Revenue mix & type;
  • IP protection & proof of ownership;
  • Security and management of company confidential data & information;
  • Retention of key skills;
  • “Lost” staff syndrome;
  • Business administration;
  • The exit strategy timetable.

Accelerated Growth Strategy Formulation

Working in partnership with our customers we develop a bespoke program that will enable an Accelerated Growth Strategy to be formulated.  Each program is unique and is heavily influenced by where the Company is in it’s growth cycle, from start-up to mature.  The programme elements can include:

  • Understanding the current offering and value proposition;
  • Determining the economic viability of their existing addressable market(s);
  • Evaluating the current business and its growth potential;
  • Researching the possible impact of disruptive and emerging technologies on the business and the market;
  • Researching, assessing, qualifying and quantifying new market opportunities;
  • Researching go-to market options including partnerships, distribution networks, technology transfer, M&A etc;
  • Evaluating the competitive landscape and analysing key competitors;
  • Test marketing new initiative and proposed innovations;
  • Planning how you could turn your ideas for growth into actionable, achievable and realistic plans;
  • Evaluating how our experiences and those of our network might positively impact your plans;
  • Carrying out a readiness assessment to determine how ready you are to respond to the opportunities available to you;
  • Formulating a funding strategy and how best to use such funds;
  • Establishing Key Performance and Financial Indicators so that progress can be measured objectively;
  • Evaluating the resources required;
  • Highlighting and wherever possible quantifying any barriers to entry and risks.

Implementation Support

We play an active role in helping our customers implement their Accelerated Growth Strategies, our interventions and support include:

  • Researching and developing product requirements;
  • Researching and pre-screening potential partners as part of Buy v Build decisions;
  • Identifying and pre-screening potential commercial acquisition targets;
  • Identifying potential channel partners;
  • Identifying local resources to support internationalization initiatives;
  • Recruiting sector specific virtual teams to accelerate the penetration of new markets;
  • Recruitment of full time staff & NED’s;
  • Provision of management training, performance management and 1 -1 coaching;
  • Provision of interim resources;
  • Fund raising support and brokering introductions to potential investors;
  • Writing business plans.

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Strategy Formulation

Whilst every engagement is bespoke to the individual needs of each customer, our approach to research and formulating a unique Accelerated Growth Strategy follows a clearly defined 6 stage process.

This is to ensure compete transparency for our customers and a Go/No Go decision point at the end of each stage.  There are no “open cheque books” with george james ltd.

Our 6 Stage Process.

  1. Build Trust
  2. Information Gathering and Exchange
  3. Accelerated Growth Workshop
  4. Research and Discovery
  5. Strategy Formulation, Optimisation and Prioritisation – establishing the desired Future State
  6. Transformation Planning – How to go from the Current State to the desired Future State


Our Implementation support takes many forms but in all cases is based on a clear statement of works with identifiable deliverables.  All our projects are measurable against Time, Budget and Quality.

To understand if we can help your company, please contact us and arrange for a confidential, free of charge, initial consultation.